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The change in technology over the years has resulted in a huge change in our lives


We are living in the age of change. Everything is changing rapidly and technology is no different. Over the past few decades, technology has evolved in a manner that it has completely changed our lives for good. As of now, the total active users on the internet are 3.2 billion. This is a high number and clearly indicates that almost half of the world population has some connect or link to technology. Technology in this modern world is not only computer or laptops but there is wide array of devices such as smartphone and smartwatches that are connected to us and continue to make our lives better, easier and faster. Technology has changed our lives in the following ways:


The evolution of technology has resulted in a huge change in communication. As technology has become more advanced communication has not only become extremely fast but also very convenient. Mentioning communication while talking about technology is important because it is among one of the aspects of life that have seen a radical shift due to the advancement of technology. In the past, letter writing was the main form of communication. It took days or even weeks for letters to reach and a reply to comeback. Similarly, mobile phones were not very common and one had to find a wired telephone in order to call somewhere. The last resort was to fax someone, but a fax machine was needed at both ends and it was very expensive.

But with the advancement in technology, life has become so much easier and communication has become much better. Now, with just a touch, we can seamlessly communicate with anyone. There are so many mediums within a smartphone such as call, text, video call, email and even social media that have made it much easier to communicate with our loved ones. Social Media has turned out to be a great tool. You can connect with a friend or a family member living halfway across the world. You can send and receive messages, pictures and videos within split seconds. Similarly, you can also send voice messages. Messaging itself has changed over the years as well. While we previously relied on SMS sent through the sim as text message, now multiple apps have sprung up that are free to use and send so much more than a text message. Using these messaging apps such as WhatsApp or i message, you can send and receive text, images and videos without worrying about paying something. The apps are free to use and only require a cellular data or a WIFI to function. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you are good to go.


Technology has also caused a change in how we conduct our transactions. Previously, people had to go to the bank to manage their accounts. One had to wait in long lines for a simple deposit or withdrawal. This is not the case anymore. Technology has enabled banking to shift to online. The physical banks still exists but now users also have the ability to make transactions online. You can send money, receive money and make transaction online within the blink of an eye. Online banking operations are performed using both, the bank website and its mobile app. Moreover there are third party apps such as PayPal and Venmo that also enables users to send and receive money through digital wallets.

The evolution of technology has also resulted in cashless payments.  Nowadays, you don’t need to carry cash. You can pay for almost everything using your mobile phone. Apps like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are directly linked to the bank of the consumer, encouraging cashless transfers. Moreover, you can also pay your bills online. This is of great benefit as you can get things done on the go. Additionally, you can schedule payments each month so you don’t have to worry about missing any.


The entertainment industry has never been the same after the evolution of technology. Production qualities have drastically increased resulting in better quality movies and TV serial. Similarly, technology has also increased consumer utility. There are numerous platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime that allow you to stream the content of your choice, anytime and anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and you are good to go. Streaming services are a lot cheaper and reliable. Plus, they give you the liberty to choose whatever you want to watch.

Apart from film and tv, the music industry has also evolved alongside technology. Not so long ago, music was recorded on CD’s, cassettes and other physical forms but now all music is stored, broadcasted and streamed digitally. Platforms like Apple Music and Spotify make it possible for artists all over the world to publish music and make it accessible to millions of users on the platform.


The use of technology in the transport sector is very evident. Electric cars are the new future. There are a ton of feature in modern cars that require technology. Some of these include, parking sensor, autosensing headlamps and vipers etc. Almost five years ago, a famous company TESLA, came up with its self-driving car. While it is not entirely self-driving and requires a driver to be inside the car, it automate the driving process. There would be a time in the upcoming years when cars would be able to drive themselves.

With mobile phones being extremely common, other modes of transport have also improved. You can book tickets online. You can pay for the tickets online and you don’t have to physically carry a ticket, it’s stored on to your phone. Ride sharing apps have also sprung up that allow you hail rides from anywhere you want.

Overall, technology plays a vital role in making our lives easy and bearable. We are now so much reliant on technology that a world without it is unimaginable.

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